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Quality Care With Independence.

Horizonz Care, located in Batley, offers home care services in the neighboring regions. Our primary objective is to deliver top-notch care to both you and your cherished family members. As pioneers in domiciliary care, Horizonz Care embodies the principles of exceptional quality and individual autonomy. Our unwavering commitment to providing outstanding care has inspired this endeavor, ensuring you receive the service you truly deserve.

At Horizonz Care, our dedicated team of qualified professionals is committed to delivering skilled care that aids you in attaining optimal well-being. Our care service is adaptable and caters to a wide range of needs, including complex care, mental or physical disabilities, dementia-related conditions, and the challenges of old age. Just like the individuals we serve, our service plans are diverse, ensuring personalized care for every unique situation.

Our Team

During the most critical moments in our clients' lives, our service delivers top-quality, person-centered care. We understand the significance of providing stability and allowing individuals to stay in the comfort of their own homes. One of the major advantages of live-in care is the continuity of care staff, ensuring that our clients receive consistent support from familiar faces.

We meticulously select Care Professionals who embody empathy, enthusiasm, and extensive experience. We seek individuals with the warmest hearts and most amiable personalities. However, it's not just about the individual; it's the connection that truly matters. Our Care Professionals possess diverse interests, ensuring that we can find the ideal companion who resonates with your loved one and shares their passions.

Our utmost passion lies in delivering live-in home care services that prioritize companionship, independence, and a sense of familiarity. Our dedicated live-in caregivers are committed to providing personalized care that aligns perfectly with your requirements, and they adapt to your evolving needs over time.

Care isn’t a one size fits all. People are individuals and our client’s needs are assessed and understood before being matched with a carefully selected care worker. This person-centered approach ensures better care.

We're here, by YOUR side

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